Snow Sculpture

Little did I realise that in a few years I'd be looking more like this fellow than I'm comfortable with!

Snow Dolphin in the front garden. I think this was the first time I tried sculpting in snow.

Building Snow things makes me happy. More snow please!

This was fun to do.

I like very fat cats, like bagpuss.

Starting to look melty...

I kind of like that the snow work is ephemeral. 

A Snow Unicorn pictured here in the twilight, as it's quite difficult to see the outline in the daytime.

And in the day...

We generally just feed them rainbow sparkles...

They like em.

Snow Snail! 

What else would you do with a ball of snow and two sticks?

Snow Easter Island head.

You can tell he's happy to be here.

If you pack a lot of snow into a clean wheelie bin...

You can make winnie the Pooh.

It's a process...

Gets there in the end.

My beautiful girl Kaydee. No longer with us.

Very helpful at the time though.

Lydiard park..

Snow Men!

Snow Dragon! Super exciting and unexpected snow! On sunday morning mid December 2017

He was going to be a serpent with lots of humps but I ran out of daylight!

Unfinished hump alert!

The trouble with snow sculptures is...

They melt!

Snow Snoopy!

Snoopy and Friend...


Big snow dog with colured rubber balls for eyes!

Good boy!

I enjoyed making this big cartoon fellow.

Snow eagle with fish. This was very difficult to make as the snow was freezing and not very sticky at all.

Notice the tree 'snow art' in the background! 

I copied this from the internet. Easy and quite funny I thought...

So, Thursday evening about 9pm 31st January 2019, Alexa tells me it's snowing! I don't believe her but sure enough I look outside and those little flakes of shiney white magic are starting to lay! Woo Hoo! It's time for Balloo! 

Amazingly it snows all night! So I'm up at 6am searching for my snow gear and tools (It would have been far to smart to sort this out the night before...) I'd planned to do a big grizzly bear but then I thought I'd change it to Disneys Balloo...

He kind of ended up looking more like a big teddy bear than balloo... You can see the beginnings of a howling wolf in the background, but at this point the snow was melting and I was tired and hungry...

But overnight the wolf shape froze solid so the next morning I literally carved him out of the 'snice'

He's a bit rough, but the combo of snice with a soft melting core of snow and a hot bright sun rising meant I pretty much had to finish him there.

By Sunday evening the snow was on the way out but it had gone from freezing back to soft and moldable again. So I tried for a wizard, I think it could have been good but it was literally melting as I worked so I couldn't get any detail, and it was getting dark so this was last chance to do anything after a weekend of perfectly timed snow that was more prolific than anything I've seen in years. Thanks snow fairies!