Mushroom, and new beginnings

My first dally with a chainsaw sculpture was 2009, when I created the classic mushroom.

Then nothing until in early 2017, I accepted a job to sculpt this....  

A Tree outside a pub, 14 feet high, 6 feet wide with a circumference of about 13 feet! AND a 6ft drop on one side!

One problem... Waaay out of my skill set! 

I naively thought I could do it, but with a bit of practise on another log,  I quickly realised I didn't have the tools or experience to tackle such a big job and I regretfully rescinded my offer to do it.

This experience did however get me into chainsaw sculpting again. Take a look here... Crocodile. Turtle. Eagle, Hare, Horse head. Jaguar

Maybe one day I'll be able to tackle this big boy...

first chainsaw carving