Kite Girl Chainsaw

This was my first commissioned piece of sculpture. My client was re shaping his garden which included removing an Apple tree. He asked me if I'd like to sculpt it....

This was the tree. I imagined that perhaps the strong lean of the tree could be a child leaning back against the pull of a kite...

On the left are the original doodles of my idea, and above the life size template that I drew on a piece of large cardboard

To the left are the original doodles of my idea. Above is the full size cardboard template I made. 

I decided that it might be good practise to make a little girl, then I could try and incorporate her clothes and hair blowing in the wind. 

It's very difficult to carve stone or wood into something that looks soft and flowing like hair and fabric. This was my first attempt at both. 

In actual fact this was my first attempt at carving a human. So lot's of challenge.