Jaguar Chainsaw

The Jaguar is now on show (July 2018) at Stanton park just outside of Swindon. As he's outside the kids Forgotten Kingdom I christened him 'Bagheera' so of course he is now a Panther instead of a Jaguar!

You can see his progression in the photo's below

Various stages of carving a Jaguar. He, (well really 'she' as bits were lost during chainsawing!) She is not quite as I wanted her to be, but I learned quite a lot in the making. Other pics below.

Needs Claws!

Nearly finished Jaguar in December snow.

This is a current work in progress (as of 8th November 2017) I'll update this photo as he progresses...

This is the big log I started with, it weighs a ton!

It was impossible for me to move so I shoved it about with the van tow bar (don't tell Tracy!) Then I used a jack and blocks to start lifting it up to a workable level. I was very pleased with myself...

Finally got it there and trimmed off the bark. You can see my Plasticine maquette  and my first chalk guide lines.

From the end. I've got to fit a stalking Jaguar in here...

This is such a scary part. I think I spent more time looking and umming and aaarring than cutting, for about a week.

Are the legs in the right place? Is his head to big?

Still struggling at this point.

And the other side.

I needed to make the base he was standing on level so I could make sure his feet were set correctly.

This was about right....

Then I had to take him off again and do some work on his tummy. Ooh me aching back!

Then hoiked back up again and the work continues...

It's starting to look like I'm getting somewhere.

Hefty limbs at this point, and I'm  little concerned about his back left leg at the moment, I cant seem to figure out how it should go...

I'm experimenting with the musculature. In reality the muscles don't show like this but I think it might look more interesting.

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